Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What Bugs Me About Facebook

This is my blog and I reserve the right to be petty and vent about things that bug me if I so choose.  Today I've decided to rant about FB status updates that bug me. Here are a list of things that I either get tired of seeing, or think people shouldn't do...

1. Constantly updating about how awesome your kids are. I cared the first time, maybe the second...I'm over it.

2.  Pregnant women not being able to talk about anything but the pregnancy.  Seriously? Is that ALL that's going on in your life? And don't get me started about women who try for a long time to get pregnant, then all their FB updates talk about how miserable they are being pregnant.

3. Cussing in your updates. In my opinion, this deserves an automatic "unfriending". I don't want to see you dropping F-bombs all over my Home page. I realize that's your prerogative, but it is my prerogative not to have to see it.

4. People who use FB updates as a place to "anonymously" argue with someone or air your dirty laundry.  Okay, once in awhile is okay, but I have known people that just look crazy because all of their updates read something like this: I just can't believe you did that to me. Why would you go behind my back and say those things? Not cool, not cool...

5. Using "text speech" in FB updates.  Good grief. I don't get on Facebook to spend time having to decode your messages because you're too lazy to type out an extra letter or two. Maybe I have to deal with this more than the average adult because I have so many students as friends on Facebook.

I am sure that given enough time, I could come up with a much longer list. Right now this will have to do.

Do you have things like this that bug you? How many are willing to confess that they do any of these things?


jenn said...

People arguing on FB drives me crazy. I always want to know who they're talking to/about. Oh, and all caps and no punctuation drives me crazy also. I have unfriended someone for that. :)

I wasn't on FB back when I was pregnant, but I have to admit if I was on FB back then, I probably would have complained about how crappy I felt like every day. Maybe its good that I wasn't on FB back then.

Meghan said...

Excellent post, you made some great points. I went through infertility, and there's alot of women I know who avoid Facebook like the plague b/c of the pregnancy and kids updates. Personally sometimes I wish FB was not invented yet. I have had one friend rejection that just hurts, ugh. I could go on and on. But GOOD FOR YOU for sharing your thoughts with the world!!!

Smalltown Girl said...

Thank you both! I have no problem with people sharing on Facebook, that is what it is for. But the bad grammar, complaining, whining, etc. has got to stop.