Sunday, November 28, 2010

Small Town Sunday #9 - Making Thanksgiving Memories

I'm sure Thanksgiving is important and full of traditions no matter where you live in the US, however, I can't imagine that Thanksgiving is quite the same in the big city.

Here in the small town, families often still live around each other. Even those who move away, will often come back for the big holidays. I love Thanksgiving. It is full of tradition, family and food! 

This year I decided to record through photos what goes into creating one of our family Thanksgivings.

Pumpkin pie in the making

Testing the Pies

Crumbling the cornbread for the stuffing

Making the stuffing

Prepping the bird

Stuffing the bird

Rolling out the dumplings

Cutting the dumplings (using my great great grandmother's knife)


Adding the dumplings to the chicken broth

Thickening the dumplings

Is the turkey done yet?

How about now?


Carving the turkey

Making the mashed potatoes

Making mashed potatoes

You can smell the rolls

Sweet potatoes with marshmallows

The food is all laid out

It's a feast!
Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as much as I did mine!

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Smalltown Girl said...

I have to say, looking back on these photos 3+ years later, I am so glad I recorded them. My great grandmother is now, permanently, in a nursing home. We are having to move on with new Thanksgiving traditions while trying to keep as many old ones as possible. I am glad I recorded these moments through photography so I could always remember how it was when she was able to be the one orchestrating Thanksgiving for us.