Monday, January 26, 2009

Preparing For The Coming Ice Storm

I'm now hunkered down and ready for the upcoming ice storm...and it is coming. Here are some of my plans for both preparation and enjoying the time off.

1. Finish laundry while I still have power. Currently I am washing two blankets. These are the important blankets that I need for snuggling up on the chair. One is the "good" blanket. (This is what we in my family call our quilts that have flannel backs on them.) Very snuggly. The other is my everyday blanket that is cozy, but not overly warm.

2. Wash dishes. Actually, I'm going to let the dishwasher do this, but I will have to unload them at some point.

3. Keep MacBook plugged into an outlet at all times, just in case the power does go out. That way it is fully charged and I'll be able to get at least 3 hours of laptop time in.

4. Make sure to plug in my Kindle at night. The battery can last a week, but better to be safe than sorry.

5. Find and check batteries on all flashlights and lamps. Put them within easy reach, one in every room.

6. Fill some pitchers with water in case of major power outages. If I lose power, I still have water, but we could have problems if something happens at the county water supply station. I'm sure they have generators, but...Just in case.

7. Keep Blackberry charged. Must have connection with outside world!

8. Be sure to shower when possible so as to be clean for as long as possible if power goes out. I will probably shower tonight instead of waiting for the morning. Just in case.

9. Spend the next few days curled up in my chair with either my MacBook or my Kindle. This will require one of the blankets from step 1. Please note that I will be living in my Adidas pants and comfy shirts and hoodies.

10. Food: pizza that I picked up before I came home today (should last awhile), baked potatoes, possibly make some sort of stew or potato soup, plenty of sandwich stuff in case of power outage.

11. If power does go out: Put perishables in a plastic tub and stick it on the back porch, turn water faucets on to a slow drip to keep them from freezing, go across the road to aunt and uncle's house where there is a fireplace and possibly a generator when it finally gets too cold to stay in the house any longer.

Must go now. The 5 o'clock weather is on and I want to see the updates! Send up a prayer for all of us in South Missouri and Northern Arkansas!

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