Monday, January 26, 2009

A Slightly Dangerous Review

I haven’t read a trashy slut romance novel in over ten years. I used to read them all the time when I was in high school and college; I love historical romances where I can pretend that I am English aristocracy. I eventually gave up the trashy romance novel for the more subdued Christian romance novels. I really love them and they are well written and you might even get a little theology on the side.

However, I was sitting at home Friday and really wanting to read something without any literary value at all. I am in the middle of teaching Macbeth and really needed a fun read. I got out the Kindle and did some surfing, but finally decided I wanted a good romance novel. I was a little concerned about going back to the “trashy” romance novel, but decided to go for it anyway.

I say I was concerned and that is because most of the “trashy” romance novels are ridiculous. The story line is predictable and the main reason to read them is for the sex scenes. And let’s just be honest here…most of those scenes are described in the most ludicrous way (“throbbing member”, “shaft”, and “love button” all come to mind).

I really lucked out with Mary Balogh and her book, Slightly Dangerous. I would not consider this a trashy romance novel at all. There were only two sex scenes and they were short and rather tasteful (for a romance novel). This was such a fast read, and it had a good plot.

Slightly Dangerous is the last in Balogh’s series about the Bedwyn family. I was unaware when starting this that it was the last in a series. It had great reviews on Amazon and the plot seemed interesting, so I decided to give it a whirl. Luckily, the book stood on its own and it did not matter than I had not read the first five books. I am, however, going to read the whole series, starting from the beginning.

I’ve yet to read a romance novel where you couldn’t figure out in the first chapter who the hero and heroine are, and that, yes, they will end up together. The same was true for this book, but it did have some unique characters and a few unexpected twists. I enjoyed both the austere Duke of Bewcastle (who reminded me a little of Austen’s Darcy) and Christine, Balogh’s clumsy, but lovable heroine. One of the main forces in the book is Christine’s ability to make everyone around her love her, including the very cold and intimidating Wulfred Bedwyn, Duke of Bewcastle.

4 stars


Mom in Midlife said...

I just revamped JR Wards BDB books. Talk about your trashy literotica. Have you read any Francine Rivers? She has one that I love based on the book of Solomen, Redeeming Love. I loved that one, while not Regency era, it is still great. I love anything Regency. I also read Orson Scott Card's Enchantment, which was interesting, educational because of the remote location, history of Russia, although it started slow.

Anyway, I will check out your book recommendation. Do you love your Kindle? I did not think I would want one since I edit on the computer 8 hours a day, figured I would need a break from the monitor.

Smalltown Girl said...

I have read Redeeming Love and it was good. Didn't Rivers use to write romance novels, then switch to Christian romances? My favorite Christian romance series is the Wakefield Dynasty series by Gilbert Morris. I love a good series because I always hate the end of a good book and a series allows me to keep reading.

I really do love my Kindle. As a reader, I never thought I would want to give up an actual book, but it is so nice to have thousands of books at my fingertips and not have to carry around multiple books when I go somewhere. I wouldn't worry about needing a break from a monitor because it is not back lit and uses a special "electronic" paper and ink. It looks just like the page of a regular book. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made.