Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two Days of Tweets

Due to the winter weather, I was unable to log onto my Gmail until this morning to get my Tweets, so I am posting both Monday and Tuesday's Tweets in one post.

Inconsequential Thoughts By Smalltown Girl

* 09:23 Can't sign into Google or Blogger. It's going to drive me crazy that I can't blog!
* 09:53 Just heard Bill O'Reilly say, "Just Saying". hilarious.
* 11:13 I give up on my internet connection for now.
* 12:49 I've decided to re-watch the entire Roswell series. I have all 3 episodes on DVD and haven't seen them in years.
* 13:24 I forgot how much I love Roswell and how hott Jason Behr is. Whatever happened to him?
* 15:55 Sleet and
* 17:06 It's been sleeting for 24 hours now. Not supposed to quit for almost another 12 hours.
* 18:28 Crap! The power just flickered twice. Looks like the ice is getting built up on the lines. Dear God please...
* 19:06 I am so popular lately. I've been getting 3-4 FB friend requests a day. I just got 2 at once.
* 21:47 "I think you are confusing me with someone who is far less awesome." New favorite quote.
* 22:53 O'Reilly made me want to cry bc he told the elderly to contact HIM if their power was about to be cut off in cold weather.

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Inconsequential Thoughts By Smalltown Girl

* 06:20 We may get lucky and get a sleet/ice mix which will be better on the power lines. Poor N AR though...
* 14:50 School's almost out today and I'm sure there will be no more school this week. that means were already 2 days into Spring Break.
* 15:50 Some dummy is parked in front of the gas but is getting air and is my way
* 16:07 Just thought I lost my blackberry and went into a panic. It had fallen and was in the car.
* 16:27 I'm home with groceries, gas and hot pizza. Bring on the storm...but no power outages please.
* 17:07 There is already a glazing of ice on everything.
* 17:17 CRAP!!! They're now calling for my area to get 1 to 2 inches of ICE... No sleet. That means the power WILL go out!!!
* 17:31 It's time to get off the computer and start getting prepared for a possible power outage. Laundry, dishes, pick up house, etc.
* 18:48 Almost have everything done that I can possibly do to prepare for the ice.
* 20:29 It's really coming down out there. 2 inches is not sounded out of this world anymore.
* 20:45 Everything's clean: dishes, laundry and me! Time to relax.
* 21:30 It's school tomorrow
* 22:10 Praise the Lord it's coming down as sleet! I pray it stays that way.
* 23:04 I think I've lost my satelite internet to ice. Crap.

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