Sunday, March 1, 2009

Single Saturday...Sort Of

I forgot about Single Saturday...again. Maybe I'll have to change it to Single Sunday. Still has alliteration.

Anyway. I spent the day in my recliner...sick. Yeah, no one to take care of me. I didn't see a single person all day long even though most of my family lives within 2 miles of me (and it was sort of my birthday). I sure wish I had someone to baby me: take out the trash, shovel snow, get the mail. All those things that I did not feel like doing at all yesterday!

I wish I felt like writing more, but as I write, my throat is killing me and my head is starting to hurt. I just can't really think. I'm hoping to do a better job with this weekly post in the future...if I can remember to do it.

Do you have someone to take care of you (or at least do some chores around the house) when you're sick?


Nancy said...

I'm usually the one taking care of other people. Today, for example, my best friend called me up because she slipped on her front steps, badly hurting her wrist(I'm on the East Coast and got hit by that big snow storm) and she needed someone to drive her to her dentist appointment. After that we spent 3 hours at the ER so that she could get a brace put on (it wasn't broken, thank God!). I was tried and irritable (mostly due to immense hunger!) by the time we got out, but I'd do it over again because she's my friend. While I sat in that waiting room I couldn't help but think of the two times last month (well, January, which I guess isn't technically "last month" anymore) that I went with a different friend to the doctor. Needing to go to the doctor certainly isn't fun, but sitting around waiting with someone when you feel like doing other things isn't much more fun! Don't get me wrong - I would willingly volunteer to do anything to help a friend in need, and I like to believe they would help me too. I can still occasionally get away with my mom helping me out when I'm sick, but she's such a trooper and handles sickness and discomfort so well that she'd rather I just suck it up! Haha

Smalltown Girl said...

@Nancy - I think it's great that you would sacrifice so much for a friend. Obviously your friends know what kind of person you are or they wouldn't bother asking for your help. I remember times in the past when I've had to be the rock for my friends, but now most of them are married and have "rocks" of their own to lean on.

Luckily for me, much of my family still lives nearby. My mother is only about 2 miles away and will come over if I need her for anything. It's those little things that need doing that I would love for someone to do for me, and I'm sure not going to ask someone to take out the garbage for me when I know it can wait until I'm feeling better.