Saturday, September 25, 2010

Single Saturday #7 - The Five Levels of Singleness

What does it mean to be "single"? It seems to me that the definition for being single changes depending on who you are talking to or asking. Some consider themselves single if they aren't dating anyone, while others consider themselves single as long as they aren't married.

I have this theory that there are 5 different levels of "singleness".

Level One - The Lifers: When these people say they are single, they mean it. Not only are they not dating anyone, they aren't even on the hunt. Whatever the reason, they have made the decision to stay single for life.

Level Two - The Super Singles: These singles are currently not a part of the dating scene. There's lots of reasons for this, and I'm sure if you asked, you would be given a detailed list of reasons why they haven't been on a date in the last year (or 3). Not single by choice, but definitely single.

Level Three - The Single Dater: Dating is a way of life for these guys and gals. Never satisfied with the current "flavor," these serial daters are always on the hunt for greener grass.

Level Four - The Serial Monogamist: Love follows these singles wherever they go, but for some reason they never seem to get married. As soon as one relationship ends, they are onto the next. However, if asked...they're single.

Level Five - The Barely-Single: These people are on their way out the door of the single party. They are either engaged, or soon to be engaged. For some reason, there are a few of these people who still consider themselves to be "single" even though they are in a committed relationship. Maybe it is because they still have to check the box marked single, or maybe it is because they haven't "put a ring on it" just yet.

Do you know of any other levels? Which level are you?


single parents dating said...

I don't know what level I am right now.. I think I'm all of the above. LOL..

Smalltown Girl said...

I am still single, but now I have decided that I am open to the idea of marriage. I used to be completely happy with being single. Now I am hoping that God sends me someone that is perfect for me!