Saturday, December 11, 2010

Single Saturday #11 - What Do Women Want In A Man?

What are all those single women out there looking for in a man? Thankfully, what attracts each person is usually a little different from what attracts the next person. If that wasn't true, man would have become extinct sometime shortly after Adam and Eve.

Personally, I like tall men (I am 6 foot myself) with dark hair, thin, but athletic build (think basketball/baseball players, not football or wresting) and definitely good looking. He has to be kind, funny, intelligent, caring and a slew of other great traits.

I don't usually pay any attention to the requests I get to promote books, products and websites targeted at singles, but I actually thought this one was interesting. Even though we all look for different things in our ideal person, there are some things that tend to be universal. Go check out this article on 10 Things Women Most Want From Their Men at Best Dating Sites.  Let me know if you agree with their list of 10 things...

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