Sunday, December 12, 2010

Small Town Sunday #11 - The Christmas Cantata

This weekend is the yearly Christmas Cantata. Every year my church and another local church get together to put on a Christmas Cantata. Maybe you know what a cantata is, and maybe you don't. A cantata is a vocal composition that is made up of a choir and various solos, duets, trios, etc that is set to music.

I'm not sure if Christmas Cantatas are done much in larger cities. I would think their Christmas productions would be much larger than the cantatas we see in a small town. This isn't Handel's Messiah with the choir shapes like a Christmas tree and real live animals on stage.

I don't sing in the cantata. I used to, but I have issues with being stuck in the middle of a crowd...I almost passed out one year. Nope, I run the sound.  Talk about stressful. If I mess up, EVERYONE knows it...

This is exactly like the soundboard I use at the other church...I HATE it and how they have their sound set up. The one at my church is much larger, has better capabilities and the channels have been organized much better.

I have so much to do during the cantata. It's more than just pressing play on the CD player. I have to change the gains, slides, mute and un-mute the channels for different singers, stop and start the CD at the right times during the narration... It is soooo... stressful. I enjoy doing it, but I'm always glad when the performances are over.

If you haven't ever experienced a small town Christmas Cantata, you should find one in your area. They really are enjoyable and will help you get into the Christmas Spirit. Besides, everyone should be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas!

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