Saturday, December 18, 2010

Single Saturday #12 - A Depressing New Development

I opened my email the other day and there was a letter in there from my aunt about a Christmas get-together at her house this weekend. Due to the fact that my generation has all gotten married and has other families to include in their Christmas celebrations (which kept them from coming to ours), we started getting together the week before Christmas so everyone could be there.

Instant depression set in as I looked at the email. It was a list of what food everyone was supposed to bring to the party.  As I scrolled down the list, everyone was listed as a couple...but me. All my aunts and uncles...and all my cousins. Every one of them. My name was the only one that sat by itself. (I do have a 16-year-old cousin that isn't married, but she wasn't on the list.)

To be fair, I've known this for awhile. I think my aunt was the last to get married a few years ago, but seeing it in 22 point font...well, that was just a little depressing.  Now, that doesn't mean I want to go out there and get married just so my name isn't by itself on a list, but still...depressing.

Have any of you had a moment of realization like that?


Male Enhancement said...

If you will ask me that question, my answer is Yes. I had so many times felt that I am always singled out. I felt like I was the only one without a partner especially in our church and among my friends. I was the only one left without someone beside me. So don't worry, you are not alone.

Extenze Male Enhancement said...

I looked at the email. It was a list of what food everyone was supposed to bring to the party.

Smalltown Girl said...

It's been long enough now that my "young" cousin is now planning her wedding. I feel as if I am forever destined to be the lone single on the email list.